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  • How is Little Bear’s House different from other indoor playgrounds in Singapore?
    We aim to provide a safe environment for the children to play, and at the same time, a relaxing environment where parents can make themselves comfortable. We aim to provide a space for your infants to discover, imagine and grow into toddlers and young children. We are selective about our toys, and have chosen those that encourage exploration, inventiveness and playfulness.
  • Your toys are neatly arranged and tidy, what if our children mix them up during play?"
    Children are allowed to play with all toys within their reach. We believe in letting them explore and making the most of the space. We have staff who look after the play space, and will put the toys back. We do, of course, encourage children to help tidy up if they want to.
  • Do you sell your toys?
    We do not sell our toys, but can point you in the right direction.
  • Do you have an age limit?
    All children are welcome to come and play. However, some of the toys may not be appropriate for all ages, so parental supervision is required.
  • Can I leave my child alone while I run some errands?
    Children must be accompanied by an adult while playing at all times. We are registered as a recreational area, and are not a child-minding or drop-off services.
  • My baby is 5 months old. Is there a minimum age?
    Babies are welcome, and admission is free for infants below 9 months if visiting with an older sibling. Otherwise, it will be $12 per 2 hours playtime (any day). Please do contact us directly at +65 6974 6398 to make arrangements if you would like to visit with your baby.
  • How many adults can accompany a child?
    Admission per child includes 2 accompanying adults free-of-charge. Extra adults can enter the play space at an additional fee of $10 each.
  • Can we make a booking if we’re coming as a group?
    All guests are received on a first come first served basis. We do not accept bookings or reservations. Unless, we are catering to a Birthday Party.
  • Is there a maximum capacity to the play area?
    Your safety is our priority. We always monitor how many children and parents there are in the play area. Depending on how many people are playing at the time, we may ask you to wait till it is safe to join in.
  • Do you check my child’s temperature?
    We need to make sure that all measures are taken to ensure your child’s well-being, and we want to ensure your child is not running a fever. If the health check is unsatisfactory, we will refuse entry to ensure a safe environment for all guests.
  • Why do you check my child’s hands during registration?
    We perform a visual check on children’s hands and mouth to rule out signs of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD). In addition, we ask for parents’ consideration to refrain from visiting if their child has recovered from HFMD recently, or if they suspect exposure to the Covid19 virus. If the health check is unsatisfactory, we will refuse entry to ensure a safe environment for all guests.
  • Do adults need to wear socks?
    Yes, everyone in the play area are required to wear socks for hygiene reasons.
  • I forgot to bring socks. Do you sell them?
    You can purchase socks from our reception.
  • Can you help me understand the difference between the Single Playdate option and Unlimited Pass?
    The Unlimited Pass allows you to purchase visits in advance, which results in a lower-per-visit cost, and can be used on both weekdays and weekends.
  • Can the Little Bear Pass be shared?
    The Little Bear Pass can be shared amongst siblings only. It is not shareable with the extended family (ie. cousins) nor friends, and is strictly non-transferable.
  • Do we need to register in order to visit?
    Everyone is required to register upon arrival, and this includes the temperature and visual check.
  • Do you cater for birthday parties?
    Yes, we can host parties for you, and we can help organise elements for you. Please contact us at for a quote and more information.
  • Do you have dedicated parking?
    There is parking available outside the shop, but it is not dedicated for us.
  • Do you have a diaper/nappy changing facilities?
    Yes, we have changing facilities. Kindly note that for sanitary reasons, diaper changing is not allowed inside the play area or at the common areas.
  • I’m breastfeeding. Do you have a nursing room?
    We have a dedicated nursing room.
  • Can I feed my child there?
    Yes, we have baby chairs for exactly this reason. However, space is limited.
  • Can we have food and drinks inside the play area?
    Food and drinks can only be consumed in the dedicated space to ensure the play area remains clean. Water bottles and baby milk bottles can be brought inside the play area.
  • Do you provide complimentary drinks?
    We provide drinking water from our hot & cold water dispensers. There is a selection of beverages for sale, and there is a coffee machine for which you can purchase capsules.
  • Do we need to pay to use the lockers?
    Our lockers are provided free-of-charge. You can choose to bring your belongings inside the play area, if you prefer to keep them close.
  • Do you have WiFi?
    Yes, we offer complimentary WiFi. This allows you to stay in contact with loved ones. Please do check-in on Facebook or share your visit with us on Instagram.
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